Some folks who own a firearm may not realize the importance of gun cleaning. If you’re using your gun for defense, the more you have to know how to properly clean it.

Gun Cleaning | Best Lubricants For Your Firearm

An essential part of your firearm’s maintenance is regular cleaning. There are all sorts of gun cleaning products with the same purpose of protecting a gun’s inner components from damage. But if you’re a person who spends more time with your gun than usual, I won’t be surprised if you’d prefer the best cleaning agents only. This will give your gun a handsome look, and prevent malfunction especially when it’s needed the most. Here’s a list of the top products only meticulous gun owners will use.


1. FrogLube CLP

FrogLube CLP | Best Gun Cleaning Products For Pistol Care

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FrogLube is one of the best firearm lubricants in the market. It’s available in liquid form and paste, which has a nice slick feel to it. This product is plant-based and non-toxic making it very safe to use. FrogLube is great to use even on plastic, wood, and polymer. Simply rub it on your firearm without breaking a sweat.

2. Ballistol

Ballistol | Best Gun Cleaning Products For Pistol Care

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Ballistol is not limited to cleaning guns but also works great with plastic, rubber, and leather. It’s biodegradable and totally safe for your hands. You might be surprised to know this product can also be used as a wound disinfectant for treatment of minor cuts and infections.

3. Grizzly Lube

The Grizzly Lube can do three things; it cleans, lubricates, and protects your gun from the possible damage caused by the movement of metal. It’s as easy as applying a small amount to clean your gun and at the same time, it leaves a thin coating which acts as an antioxidant to prevent the metal parts from rusting.

4. Slip2000 EWG

Slip2000 EWG | Best Gun Cleaning Products For Pistol Care

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The Slip2000 is a pure synthetic-based product with no petroleum distillates and silicon. Unlike other products, this lubricant stays and protects a gun five times longer than other trusted lubes. It’s a bit more expensive but that’s fine considering a bottle goes a really long way.

5. Tetra Gun Grease

Tetra Gun Grease | Best Gun Cleaning Products For Pistol Care

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The Tetra Gun Grease eliminates carbon buildup on firearms. They have a pistol kit available for the convenience of both the novice and experienced handgun shooters. It has the same capability with other top gun cleaners which also lubricates and protects your gun’s metal surface.


Watch this video about the Ballistol gun cleaner by Tactfully Tactical101:

Some essential metal parts of a gun collide vigorously with each other in the act of firing. So it’s not hard to imagine why gun cleaning and lubrication is a necessary thing. These products are specifically made to help your gun last longer and serve you better. Never get tired of cleaning your gun as this maintenance process will be helpful in keeping your defense tool in prime condition.

Have you tried any of these gun cleaning products? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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