Concealed carrying a weapon is understood to mean a citizen holds a permit to have a hidden gun on their person in public.

There is no federal regulation for concealed carry, laws for concealed carry are set forth by individual states. There are many suggestions for properly carrying a concealed weapon. However, there are also things people should never do while concealed carrying.

Thus, here are 10 things you should never do while concealed carrying:

1. Never Be Without Your Permit

In most states, those who wish to conceal carry must obtain a permit or license, along with maintaining the legal requirement of keeping this permit or license on themselves at all times when carrying.

In addition, most states legally mandate that a person carrying a concealed weapon must produce their permit/license when asked. For this reason, you should never be without your permit in order to remain in compliance with state legislation.

2. Never Use Alcohol When Concealed Carrying

A person carrying a concealed weapon should never drink alcohol. If you know you will be drinking when out, it’s best to safely store your gun at home.

Those caught concealed carrying while under the influence of alcohol or any controlled substance face legal charges, particularly if they fire their weapon.

Even when it comes to clear self-defense, if alcohol has been used while concealed carrying, it can be used against you in court.

3. Never Carry “Off-Body”

If you carry a concealed weapon, it should never be off your body such as in a purse or briefcase. Concealed carriers should always use a holster to keep their weapon on them.

This is for everyone’s safety. An unholstered gun can cause accidental or negligent discharge, which can result in serious injury, damage, or death.
Gun owners should never conceal carry off-body so unauthorized users, such as children and criminals, don’t gain access to the weapon.

4. Never Conceal Carry in a Federal Building

It is considered unlawful to conceal carry in federal buildings. This includes locations with federal agencies or within the federal system, such as:

  • Courthouse
  • Post office
  • Social security office
  • Federal prison
  • Military bases

5. Never Leave a Concealed Carry Weapon Unsecured

Gun owners should never leave their weapons unsecured, including those they use for concealed carry. A gun is considered secure only when it is physically holstered on a licensed person or in an appropriate, locked gun safe.

6. Never Lend a Concealed Carry Weapon

Letting someone borrow your concealed carry weapon puts you at great risk. Gun owners who lend their concealed carry weapons can be liable for legal issues as well as open to criminal prosecution.

7. Never Leave a Concealed Carry Weapon Visible in a Car

If you must leave your concealed carry weapon in your car, make sure it is absolutely out of sight and in a safely locked place such as the glove box, car trunk, or portable gun safe. The risk of leaving a weapon visible in a car is severe when it comes to unauthorized users such as children and especially criminals. This is why it’s essential to never leave a concealed carry gun in a car where it is visible in any way.

8. Never Show Off a Concealed Carry Weapon

Though it can be tempting to somehow indicate you are concealed carrying or show off your concealed gun, this presents too much risk for you as the gun owner.

Revealing a concealed weapon can be considered a threat and may escalate a situation to violence or panic. You should never show off a concealed carry weapon.

9. Never Compromise Gun Safety

Those who conceal carry should make gun safety the highest priority, including keeping fingers off the trigger.

Concealed carriers should also practice proper operation and maintenance with their firearms. If you conceal carry, you should never compromise gun safety under any conditions for your protection and that of others.

10. Never Uncomfortably Carry

If you conceal carry, you should have a properly sized and fitted gun you can carry comfortably and operate correctly.

If a concealed weapon is too heavy, long, wide, or has too much recoil for the gun owner, carrying it will be uncomfortable and potentially unsafe.

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