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Jeremy Parson

Jeremy Parson

Jeremy Parsons is a former Marine sniper with multiple combat deployments overseas. His passion for shooting and instructing led him to open a business where people can learn to be proficient with their firearms and feel more comfortable owning them.Jeremy is a native of Austin, Texas. He joined the Marines at the age of 20 and quickly realized his passion for the military and shooting. Once hitting his unit he signed up for the scout sniper indoctrination and made his way into the platoon. After a deployment to Iraq, he attended and graduated from Scout Sniper School and gained the title of Marine Scout Sniper.

Following a deployment to Afghanistan and starting a family he decided to leave the Marines and spend more time at home. When returning to Austin his passion and skill lead him to start a company that would allow him to do what he loves to do, instruct and shoot.

Craig Caudill


Craig Caudill has spent a lifetime practicing and teaching survival, preparedness and self-reliance skills. He is the director of Nature Reliance School which and teaches these skills in the midwestern and southeastern U.S. He is an incredibly active blogger and writer for several different blogs and self-reliance magazines. He has appeared on educational television teaching self-reliance skills multiple times. He has a worldwide student base who study with him through his online self-reliance school. Craig considers himself a student in all things and is regularly studying with other instructors, thinking and practicing outside the box of conventional wisdom, and honing both his abilities and teaching methods. His students have included military operators, law enforcement special response units, and many average ordinary law-abiding citizens.

Mike Gassaway

Mike Gassaway B&W

Mike Gassaway is a man that wears many hats. He has been a professional fighter, a professional race car driver, a combat private contractor, an attorney, and an actor. He is an inductee in the Professional Karate Magazine Hall of Fame, is a World Land Speed Record holder, has been inducted onto the Rosa Parks Wall of Tolerance, has been the recipient of the Criminal Lawyer of the Decade award and was awarded the Freedom Foundation’s George Washington Honor Medal. He is also a Daytime Emmy Award winner.

In the 1960s and 1970s Mike worked as a private operator during the Vietnam conflict providing professional military services for a global market concentrating on tactical situations and participating in forward battlefield positions in conflicts and active combat theaters.

He trained combatants in jungle combat tactics during three Batallion Counterguerrilla ARTEPS alongside America’s most decorated Green Beret Commander James “Bo” Gritz and was a principal contractor for NSJ Intelligence Support Activity.

He participated in four operations into communist Asia to rescue U.S. POWs and participated in over 100 special operations in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Africa. Mike is an avid Second amendment advocate and regular speaker at gun shows promoting the NRA and gun rights. He has been a speaker for Gun Owners of America and a trainer of military personnel in close quarters combat techniques.

Christine Zádor

img_2280Christine Zádor is the President & CEO of San Joaquin Rifle and Pistol Range, Inc. (SJRPR) located in Linden, CA. Her parents opened the ranged in 1979. Christine has dedicated herself to carrying on her parent’s legacy by continuing to operate and develop the range today. Christine’s dream is to make San Joaquin Rifle and Pistol Range a top-notch shooting facility.

Christine Zádor has created a long history of success in several different industries, however her true passion is in the firearms industry. Before taking ownership of SJRPR she attended the University of Southern California, where she played water polo and won an NCAA Women’s Championship. She later co-founded a water polo board company named Zaqua Boards, and has been coaching water polo for many years.

Ever the adventurer, Christine also enjoys swimming, hiking, horseback riding, and traveling to meet and learn stories of Veterans in determination to make a difference in their healing process. Christine is dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle through clean eating and activity. Complementing her passion for firearms is her extensive experience working with them. Christine’s favorite firearm is the CZ SP01, with a close runner up being the LWRC M4. Christine is an avid shooter and currently competes in the USPSA, American Marksman, and competes in both local and nationwide competitions.

Kari Eve Valence

Kari Eve Valence is a writer/journalist living, working, and playing on the Gulf Coast. A lifelong storyteller Kari Eve has worked in the television news industry for the last several years. As a reporter and producer she knows how to deliver important information to an audience in a compelling manner, mix that with her love for the outdoors, and writing about firearms is a perfect fit. Kari Eve found her love for whitetail deer hunting thanks to her husband. From the first time she pulled the trigger and knocked down a doe she was hooked. Kari Eve likes to focus primarily on hunting rifles, but is also always looking to learn more about all artillery.

A native of Buras, Louisiana Kari Eve grew up on the bayou water fishing and hunting. While attending Rhodes College in Memphis, TN she traveled the country with Americorps NCCC* after Hurricane Katrina swept away her hometown. Through her travels she was able to help those who had also been impacted and affected by natural disasters.

Since returning to the coast, she’s been working to mix her love of writing, the outdoors, and rebuilding communities by working for The Times Picayune and covering uplifting community events.Kari Eve lives in Picayune, MS with her husband Jonah and their son Little Jonah.