These gun safety tips will make your ever reliable pistol in tip-top shape. Read on and find out when is the right time to replace your ammunition!

Gun Safety Tips: The Right Time To Change Your Ammo

Just like any other tool, our guns need maintenance for it function the way it should be. Regardless if it’s a range toy, an old hunting companion, or an everyday carry, it is very important to clean and maintain your weapon. Having the right and well-maintained ammo is pretty crucial to its performance and reliability that is why it’s necessary to know when to replace it. Below are some gun safety tips and guidelines you might want to consider for replacing your ammunition.


1. When you encounter malfunction

When you encounter malfunction | Gun Safety Tips | When to Replace Your Ammunition
Modern ammo can endure tons of stress and torture before it fails. There are several types of failures you might encounter such as failure to feed, failure to eject, failure to fire, and premature ignition. If it fails to feed, more often than not it is due to the mechanic of the pistol rather than the bullet itself. Failure to eject or “jam” can be due to substandard or surplus ammo that might get caught in the chamber before or after firing. Premature ignition is a very dangerous malfunction where the primer of the bullet casing is unintentionally set off by the upper receiver while loading. Failure to fire occurs when the firing pin strikes the primer with not enough force. Premature ignition and failure to fire are the primary reasons why you need to cycle out your ammunition.

2. It depends on the type of gun

It depends on the type of gun | Gun Safety Tips | When to Replace Your Ammunition
You also need to consider the type of gun you’re using. If you’re using a revolver, you can easily place the bullet in the chamber without any stress during the insertion. On the other hand, in a loaded semi-auto pistol, the first round is pushed rather violently added into the chamber. The second round is subject to the slide’s movement over its case. If you load and unload often, these two can interchange more than once and cause the bullet to have a little dent.

3. It depends on how you use the gun

 It depends on how you use the gun | Gun Safety Tips | When to Replace Your Ammunition
If your gun is a daily carry which you load and unload frequently, you can change your ammo more regularly. But if your gun doesn’t leave the bedside then the ammunition can last a bit longer. Exposure to sweat, humidity, daily handling, and temperature fluctuations can alter the condition of your ammo.

4. When to rotate ammunition

When to rotate ammunition | Gun Safety Tips | When to Replace Your Ammunition
According to some gun junkies and experts, you should rotate your ammo every six months. If you handle and use your gun regularly then you should change your ammo more often. But if your gun is solely for home defense that doesn’t leave a climate-controlled environment then you can lengthen that number to a year or more. There are also other gun enthusiasts that rotate their ammo once every 90 days. So it is just a matter of choice. When you are in doubt, inspect your ammo and check if it’s time to change.


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A gun without the right ammo is like paper shoes in a stormy weather. When we feel our gun is underperforming, we should check it at a drop of a hat. Inspect every inch of the weapon and change what is needed to be replaced especially if it used as a defensive carry. Not only that, if we want our weapon to ensure longevity then proper maintenance is a must.

Do you know other gun safety tips? We would definitely want to know about it. Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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