This video shows us exactly how a shooter gets into a public place with enough ammo to take down, cripple, wound and kill more people than anyone would ever like to admit is possible.

You would have to be absolutely on point and have your situational awareness skills honed to the nth degree to see the rifle, seven 30 round magazines, a pistol and three more magazines stuck down this guy’s pants and in his pockets. That’s over 360 rounds of ammo that could be laid down on innocent men and women. Now consider that the “trend” nowadays is toward carrying as your concealed weapon, what is known in the industry as a “comfort gun” with no back up ammo. Hmm…. Might or might not be enough to deal with the evil out in the world right now.

Honestly, there was a day when your grandpa was right when he would pull out his Smith & Wesson snub nosed .357magnum and tell you that if you can’t get it done with the 6 you got, you ain’t never gonna get it done. In this day and time, that mentality may be a little less than accurate. Sure, switching from a 6 round revolver to a semi automatic that packs up to 20 rounds of opportunity is a huge leap forward in staying even with the bad guys, but as the general concealed carry population drifts toward the fashionable look in carrying, perhaps we need to take a hard look at fashion and trending versus gut busting, eardrum searing maximum pant load pulling guns and backup ammo.

I bet that if I asked all you guys and gals out there if you usually carry a gun, that your answer would be, no, I always carry a gun(s). But I bet the majority of you will also say that it is tiresome to lug around the bigger gun and extra magazine, right? I know the feeling of pants sagging or gun digging in to my gut. But then I think about….”what if I needed the extra firepower and didn’t have it….could I live with not being sufficiently prepared to be able to protect my family”…

In order to be able to evaluate the burning question that is the title of this article, let’s explore exactly what we need to be prepared in order to have the best chance of surviving and ending a gun fight.

First and foremost, in light of these recently unfolding events, ALWAYS assume the bad guy is armed to the extreme. Go look at the video at the beginning of this article again. That is the guy you have got to be prepared for. The terrorist…the wacko…the extremist… the head line seeker. He might be the disgruntled ex-employee wearing a tactical vest and carrying any number of weapons hell bent on getting his revenge on the world. You never know. You’ve been training at the range. You know you have speed, fluidity and accuracy, but in the real world when fear and doubt come thundering down on you like a freight train when you are confronted with an actual life and death fire fight, tunnel vision is sure to set in. You may lose control of your fine motor skills, lack normal depth perception and suffer many other side effects . The bottom line here is don’t expect every shot you take to be on target. This equates to the need for more firepower to stay alive doesn’t it?

Secondly, ALWAYS assume the bad guy is not going to be easy to take down. Let’s ignore the shoot out scenes we see in the movies and on television and talk physiology for just a minute. There is a strong likelihood, (although not always) that a couple of good hits in the kill zone might not immediately drop a shooter. The way the nervous system is wired to the brain, a man shot center mass can sometimes get his brain to keep sending signals to his finger that result in continued firing even though the heart and lungs have been hit center mass. The answer to this conundrum is, of course, massive fire power. Shot after deadly shot will get a man down a lot quicker than a couple of hits. That’s why officers are trained to empty their magazine in the target to create massive trauma. The general public always seems to ask, “why did he have to keep shooting?” The answer is because he wants to end the fight and walk away alive. Most situations won’t allow you to simply take cover and wait for the bad guy to eventually crater and die.

Third, ALWAYS assume there are accomplices. You eliminate the primary target. You have emptied your magazine. What are you going to do when an accomplice emerges from cover with guns blazing? You, sir, are screwed without an extra magazine. You have seen the news reports or maybe even seen in person how street thugs and gangsters always seem to travel in groups like packs of wild animals so they can prey on the weak, the frightened and the unprepared. Don’t be the weak. Don’t be frightened. Instead, be prepared.

Lastly, ALWAYS assume the bad guy is hopped up on dope. It is a sad commentary on the decency of our current civilization, but the truth of the matter is that punks get hopped up on dope and then are either emboldened to commit crimes or feel the need to commit crimes to support their dope habit. Either way, statistics indicate that people under the influence of narcotics are harder to kill and operate is less than rational ways. Again, you need massive fire power to stop a doped up thug who may have the ability to keep attacking until his brain quits receiving oxygen and only then, dies.

The bottom line? Regardless of the gun you carry, regardless of the caliber you shoot, the best way to increase your ability to inflict massive trauma is to carry extra ammo. One extra magazine instantly doubles your ability to continue the fight. Another magazine in your other pocket triples the number of opportunities you have to end the threat. So what if your pockets are always full. You are carrying the insurance you may need when you least expect it. You will be prepared.

Stay vigilant and stay strong.

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