Episode #6: Mindset and Mental Training With Craig Caudill

In this podcast you'll find:

This Week’s Theme: Mindset and Mental Training With Craig Caudill

Guest: Rodney Vanzant of Iron Sight Defense

Rodney D. Van Zant, owner of Iron Sight Defense, is a Kentucky native, a thirteen year Law Enforcement Officer and current Laurel County Deputy Sheriff/Captain and range master.

In this week’s podcast Craig and Rodney discussed about mental preparedness and proper mindset and its paramount importance. They gave out tips on how to go about the shoot or no-shoot process, hyper vigilance, OODA Loops and more!

Q and A

  • 2:00 How should we go about the shoot or non-shoot process.
  • 3:34 Do most CCW certifications require people to shoot about as much as we do?
  • 4:32 The best way to begin to develop the ability to have proper decision making process.
  • 5:57 Where do you draw the line between being paranoid and having a proper mind set.
  • 8:08 How do you train mindset?
  • 14:19 Laws change from state to state.
  • 18:39 What physical things to do in the range to practice mindset.
  • 19:10 Pre Gaming scenario
  • 22:59 Identifying your options and be realistic.
  • 24:58 What to do in the range to get ready?
  • 28:28 OODA Loops
  • 35:19 Cover your target with an old shirt.
  • 40:59 Shout, Shove, Show, Shoot
  • 42:00 Conclusion. Last words from Rodney regarding the shoot or no-shoot decision process.