Episode #1: AGA Podcast with Hoss USMC

In this podcast you'll find:

Q & A

  • 2:38 What inspired Hoss to start his blog, youtube and online videos about prepping.
  • 5:45 Hoss shared stories on making his videos.
  • 6:26 Dave and Hoss talked about money and passion on Hoss’ videos.
  • 8:45 Common short falls that Hoss sees that the other preppers might not be aware of on their plans.
  • 13:23 Set of rules and laws of survival.
  • 17:39 A deeper understanding of skills.
  • 18:45 What Hoss learned in the military.
  • 20:00 Tactical Response and Gun Responsibility.
  • 25:45 Why is it better to have a gun than to not have a gun?
  • 28:05 Documentary on US Militia – What is a Malitia?
  • 36:03 Hoss challenges his local community to stand for 2nd ammendment rights!
  • 38:42 Apathy of Gun Owners.
  • 43:40 1934 National Firemarms Act – Gun Laws.
  • 44:28 The pursuit of happiness!


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