Episode #9: Michelle Sorenson Bourdon, Mother and Gun Enthusiast

In this podcast you'll find:

Some girls have a diary on their bed stands and others have an Uzi. In this week’s podcast, we are featuring one of our very own members. As a mother and gun enthusiast, she carries for protection everyday. Michelle shares with us how she got involved with guns and some of her experiences. She also shared an event that can help us realize that being armed everyday can save your life.

Q and A

  • 0:30 Michelle shares how she developed understanding of firearms.
  • 3:34 Paranoid vs. Prepared
  • 4:30 What weapons she carries?
  • 7:10 Michelle shares her experience with an intruder.
  • 11:20 What kind of things that work and didn’t work for her?
  • 14:00 Why it is important to always carry your weapon?
  • 16:30 Shout, Show, Shove and Shoot.
  • 22:30 Her views on exposing her children with guns.
  • 27:33 Women carrying guns nowadays.