Episode #8: Physical Fitness and Conditioning for Self-Defense

In this podcast you'll find:

With guest Dr. Brian Jones

If you remember the first time you held a gun, you must have felt its weight. But as you practiced more and more, you became used to its weight and moved on to bigger guns. Now as a gun enthusiast, it’s also very important to have the right physical fitness to be able to hold your gun and defend yourself properly.

Q and A

  • 0:50 A background on Dr. Jones
  • 2:05 What is your opinion in starting getting in shape for self defense?
  • 3:11 The difference between aerobic activity and anaerobic activity.
  • 6:15 What’s an average tactical person to do to start getting more fit physically?
  • 10:37 Why it’s important to be more mobile rather than flexible
  • 16:03 If somebody is overweight, how can diet and nutrition come in?
  • 21:49 Getting into the habit of drinking water.
  • 27:34 The role of salt in balancing electrolytes.
  • 31:48 Martial Arts training to help with shooting skills.
  • 36:54 The best solution after getting an injury during a training.