The world can be intimidating at times, especially with political unrest and natural disasters adding to the mix.

Not everyone is 100% comfortable with carrying a gun – nor is it always the most appropriate home defense weapon of choice, depending on the situation. Legal ramifications can be harsh, often obscenely so, even when lethal force is used as a last resort in self-defense.

But that doesn’t mean you’re out of options. While they’re not firearms, we at the American Gun Association found the best 11 non-lethal home defense weapons just about everyone can (and should) use.

Non-lethal will leave your attacker feeling helpless, disoriented and/or in pain. Most importantly, they’ll be incapacitated (or appropriately marked) and ripe for the police to pick them up.

Ready to protect yourself and your loved ones? Keep reading to discover our top picks.

1. Chamberlain Outdoor Wireless Alarm

Our first pick might strike you as a bit odd, but we’re confident you’ll agree it’s one of the best on our list.

The Chamberlain Outdoor Wireless Alarm takes care of a very common issue. Because most alarm systems don’t include your garage, it’s usually the first place home invaders target. Garage doors are surprisingly easy to break in through – and once they’re in, they can make off with your car or gain entry to your home.

By installing the Chamberlain Outdoor Wireless Alarm alongside your driveway, it’ll easily detect any intruders. Once triggered, it emits a loud alarm that will ward off even the most dogged invader.

Simply set it and forget it: anyone who sets it off will quickly backpedal and scratch you off their target list for good.

2. SABRE 3-in-1 Pepper Spray

The SABRE 3-in-1 Pepper Spray is favored by police forces around the world for very good reason: you’ll struggle to get any better.

Aggressive assailants are made short work of with this non-lethal defense weapon, which is why the United States Marshals utilize it as well.

You’ve got 4 years of shelf-life in which to use this product before it expires, so you’ll be primed for quite some time. Depending on your local state legislature, you might even be able to carry it on your person wherever you go with little or no restriction.

SABRE 3-in-1 Pepper Spray gives you an incredible 10-foot range. Even if you miss your first few sprays (you need to hit the eye region), you can still regain the upper hand before your assailant reaches you. So long as you don’t end up hitting yourself with it, it’s a defensive weapon everyone can use effectively.

3. VIPERTEK Heavy Duty Stun Gun

This comes in tied with the SABRE 3-in-1 Pepper Spray as our second best-recommended non-lethal home defense weapon, especially as it can be carried on your person outside the home as well.

The VIPERTEK Heavy Duty Stun Gun is not a toy to be messed with. Even if your assailant attempts to disarm you, the specialized plate along the stunner’s flanks will give them a truly shocking reason to rethink their whole life. The LED light is strong enough to disorient them just as much as the sound – and, of course, the stun.

By the time they stop seeing stars, you’ll be long gone from the scene and the cops will be pulling up your driveway to detain them.

4. Cold Steel Brooklyn Mini Bat

It may seem like a cliche from the movies, but there’s nothing funny about being on the receiving end of a baseball bat.

With the wrong bat, you can easily end up causing lethal damage that invites a nightmare of legal action. But the Cold Steel Brooklyn Mini Bat gets the job done while perfectly circumnavigating such issues. It’s light enough to be swung hard and fast in tight quarters, making up for the lack of weight and range.

And thanks to the polyurethane build, you won’t even leave a mark… on the bat, that is.

5. Mace Brand Pepper Spray Gun

The appearance of the Mace Brand Pepper Spray Gun is intimidating enough to ward off most attackers – it looks like a miniature flare gun.

While a flare gun would certainly cause serious damage, it’s not exactly the best choice, even for outdoor use. But this baby will do more than just temporarily blind any assailant bullheaded or desperate enough to charge toward it. The patented spray contains a UV dye that can be used to identify the perpetrator for the police once they flee.

What sets it even further apart from its contemporaries is the 20-foot reach. And you can fire off a total of 7 sprays before needing to “reload.”

6. Umarex 19-Shot Air Pistol

Speaking of non-lethal home defense weapons that hurt like hell and look more dangerous than they are, if you’ve ever been shot with an air pistol, you already know they’re no joking matter.

The Umarex 19-Shot Air Pistol is one of the best. It’s compact, with a drop-free metal magazine and 19 shots, the CO2-powered firing mechanism will cast a deep shadow of doubt on anyone meeting its business end.

The only thing you need to watch out for is any assailant willing and able to shoot back – the Umarex looks like a true pistol, especially with its iron sights.

7. SABRE Tactical Stun Gun

Revisiting a brand we’ve already touched on, the SABRE Tactical Stun Gun is the non-lethal stun weapon no one knew we needed until it was released.

Not only is the 80-lumen model LED flashlight bright enough to blind your attacker and light your path to safety, but the stun capabilities alone are enough to make even the strongest of the strong think twice about their line of work.

The maximum pain output is truly phenomenal, especially for such a small model. Which, of course, only makes it even more perfect as an easily accessible defense mechanism.

8. SABRE Red Pepper Gel

An awesome alternative to regular pepper spray is the SABRE Red Pepper Gel. While it sounds like a delicacy (or a really odd hair styling product), it’s actually one of the most innovative non-lethal home defense weapons on the market.

As hinted at earlier, the biggest issue with traditional pepper spray is it can blow back into your own face if the wind is against you. But with the SABRE Red Pepper Gel, you can be sure of hitting your target from 18 feet away without any runoff fumes blowing back into your own eyes. And it won’t accidentally eject in its holster either.

Even better, similar to the Mace Brand Pepper Spray Gun, it’s infused with a UV dye. Simply hit your target and let the cops find them with ease.

9. Atomic Bear SWAT Tactical Pen

Most tactical pens end up being flimsy, easily breakable and unable to get the job done when you need them most.

But that’s certainly not the case when it comes to the Atomic Bear SWAT Tactical Pen. In fact, if you’re able to break it, we’d be surprised. The aluminum alloy chassis allows you to break through glass with a few strikes, and the sheathed razor-sharp tip will do serious (but non-lethal) damage to any assailant you defend yourself from.

Best of all? You can still use it as a regular ballpoint pen as well – and you get 2 ink refills. While we should be focusing purely on its tactical strengths, rest assured the Atomic Bear SWAT Tactical Pen holds its own among expensive, high-grade ballpoints for its smooth writing action and great clip.

10. Vigilant 130db Personal Alarm

Sound is a great defensive weapon. Raise a ruckus and most attackers are going to get running very fast.

That’s exactly why the Vigilant 130db Personal Alarm makes the cut as one of our top 11 non-lethal home defense weapons. Anyone, even young children, can easily learn how to use one – and with a surprisingly low price tag, it’s an affordable option for gearing every member of your household.

With failsafe features, an emergency backup screamer whistle (in case you run low on battery power), and hidden buttons, it’s a go-to personal safety option that can’t be disabled by any home invaders. Team it up with one of the more offensive weapons on our list, and you’ve got a winning combination.

11. FakeTV Burglar Deterrent

One of your first lines of defense is always going to be deterrent methods. That’s why we started our list with the Chamberlain Outdoor Wireless Alarm and why we’re ending it with the FakeTV Burglar Deterrent.

Everyone who’s watched Home Alone knows actively flipping between channels is an easy way to give would-be intruders pause. But unless you have a night-owl at home who works from home and can man the TV all night, it’s not exactly an option you want to rely on. Plus, it’ll put a huge dent in your power bill.

But with the FakeTV Burglar Deterrent, you can pretend to have someone sitting up all night, awake and alert enough to be actively flipping through the channels. Would-be home invaders aren’t about to risk running into someone like that.


Ready to prepare yourself and your family for any situation that requires a non-lethal defense weapon? Let us know in the comments below if you’ve got a favorite we haven’t mentioned!

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