Nearly all gun owners agree the safest place to store firearms is in a professional, lockable gun safe.

Gun safes provide the greatest amount of protection for hiding firearms and preventing unauthorized users from gaining access to guns, including children and home intruders.

However, some gun owners are aware that properly storing guns in a gun safe makes them almost completely inaccessible in an urgent situation—particularly if the ammunition is stored separately.

These gun owners may opt to hide their guns in unconventional, strategic places so they’re not visible to unauthorized users but at the ready for authorized users, just in case.

Here are some clever places to hide your guns other than a typical gun safe:

1. Wall Outlet Safe

One clever place to hide a gun is in a wall outlet safe that looks like a fake electrical outlet. These safes are reasonably priced and an effective way to hide a small gun for easy access.

They are easy to install, either through replacing an existing outlet or by cutting a hole in the wall to place the fake outlet safe.

2. Book Safe

Like the wall outlet safe, a book safe is a creative place to hide a gun. These safes are designed to look like hardcover books but are actually hollowed out for storage of valuables such as a handgun.

This is a way to hide a gun in plain sight; however, children may come across the safe believing it to be an actual book. Therefore, careful placement and supervision should be considered.

3. Under the Floor

Guns can be hidden cleverly under wooden floors, as long as the cut away is strategically done. This allows for effectively hiding guns of various sizes, as larger guns can be stored under the floor as well as smaller firearms.

It’s generally recommended a piece of wood floor is cut near or under a sofa or table. The firearm can be stowed under the floor and then retrieved by lifting up the cut away piece.

4. Picture Frame Safe

Some concealment companies have picture frames that double as gun safes. These frames come in different sizes to accommodate different sized firearms and can either be mounted on a wall or placed on a shelf or table for accessibility.

These picture frame safes are a clever way to hide a gun in plain sight; however, they may be less effective if curious family members or house guests decide to handle them in order to get a better look at the picture.

5. False drawer bottom

A false drawer bottom is a clever place to hide a gun as well, particularly for those who wish to have their firearm close to them at night. False drawer bottoms can be created for nearly any drawer, such as those in a bedside table.

False drawer bottoms are easy to make and there are several do-it-yourself tutorials available to learn how to properly construct them.

There is a risk with false drawer bottoms that curious children or savvy thieves may inadvertently find them. Therefore, it’s important to consider using a drawer lock or other method of added security.

6. Console vault

Console vaults are a clever place to hide your gun when you are in your vehicle or away from home. They provide many benefits, such as:

  • Protection and safeguarding of firearms and other valuables
  • Convenient and at-the-ready access
  • Custom designed and installed for individual vehicles
  • Sophisticated locking system

Once the car console is closed, the console vault is completely hidden. This provides an added feature of concealment so any unauthorized users would be unaware of the presence of both the vault and firearm in the vehicle.


Though there are clever places to hide guns in your home and vehicle, it’s essential to remember that firearms stored outside a professional, locked gun safe are subject to be found and operated by unauthorized users—no matter how well or creatively hidden.

For this reason, it’s important for gun owners who choose to hide their firearms in this way to take extra precautions, so they don’t end up in the wrong hands.

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