Carrying a concealed weapon typically means a citizen has a permit to have a hidden gun on their person in public. There is no federal regulation for concealed carry, so laws are created by state.

When most people carry a concealed weapon, it’s a handgun. Many of the reasons people participate in concealed carry relate to protection, but that’s not the sole reason. Thus, here are 10 more reasons you should carry a concealed weapon.

1. Right to carry

The Second Amendment describes some of the most important rights of American citizens. Many people choose to carry a concealed weapon for the very reason that it is their right to do so.

However, it’s important to recognize there are legal regulations for carrying concealed weapons. Those who choose to exercise their right to carry in this way must pursue permission according to state law.

2. Safety

Another reason people choose to carry concealed weapons is for the safety of themselves and those around them. If there is a clear threat present in a public space, someone carrying a concealed gun can use it to eliminate or reduce the danger.

Of course, those who practice concealed-carry conduct should recognize the potential consequences of wielding their gun in public. Still, the possibility of responsibly saving lives during a public threat is an excellent reason to carry a concealed weapon.

3. Criminal deterrence

Knowing citizens exercise their right to carry concealed weapons can deter criminal behavior. This is yet another reason people carry concealed weapons. If potential criminals believe someone in the vicinity has a hidden weapon, they are far less likely to go through with criminal action.

4. Self-protection

One significant reason to carry a concealed weapon is for self-protection. This applies to all citizens, but especially those who are statistically more likely to become victims of violent crime, such as women, the elderly population, the disabled and previous violent-crime victims.

Revealing a concealed weapon can protect people from being robbed, attacked or raped. This self-protection is a valuable consideration for concealed-carry action.

5. Guns belong in the hands of the law-abiding

Another reason people carry concealed weapons is because they believe guns should be in the hands of law-abiding citizens. Those who are conscientious and thorough enough to earn a concealed-carry permit are the people who value gun safety and responsibility.

The more these careful citizens take action in gun ownership and carry, the more guns will be in the hands of the law-abiding – and not the law-breaking.

6. Home defense

The most common reason people give for owning guns is defense, of family, home and property. Carrying a concealed weapon is not reserved solely for public spaces. Many citizens consider carrying a hidden gun to be an effective strategy when it comes to defending their homes and loved-ones.

7. Alternative to open carry

As laws for concealed carry vary from state to state, open carry of weapons varies from concealed carry regulations. States with open carry policies often don’t require permits the way they do with concealed weapons.

This means open gun carriers might not have undergone the certification and training their concealed-carry counterparts have. This creates greater risk of accidents and malfunctions when it comes to the presence of firearms in public, which could result in serious injuries and/or fatalities.

8. Armed without attention

In relation to an alternative to open carry, those who carry concealed weapons can do so without attracting unnecessary and confusing attention. This is beneficial in that the sight of a gun, even one that is lawfully present, can cause public disturbance and panic. This can result in dangerous and harmful outcomes for everyone in the area.

Carrying a concealed weapon reduces the risk of public panic and misunderstanding of the situation. In this way, responsible gun carriers can maintain their level of protection without negative attention and risk.

9. Support of American public

The majority of polls show the American public supports concealed-carry policies. In fact, carrying concealed weapons is considered legal in all states – though there are individual restrictions and regulations.

With such support of American citizens, it’s reasonable to conclude the ability to carry concealed weapons is an important aspect of modern existence.

10. Unpredictable world

Unfortunately, the world is unpredictable, and threats can take place anywhere at any time. It’s heart-breaking to consider the number of public shootings over the past decade, whether they take place in schools, entertainment venues or places of worship.

Carrying a concealed weapon can potentially save lives and preserve order in public shooting situations, particularly when first responders are several minutes away.


Personal and public safety should be the primary goal when it comes to any gun ownership, and this is especially true when it comes to concealed carry. Those who decide to carry concealed weapons should ensure they abide all laws and practice the highest responsibility with their firearms.

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