Believe it or not, these speed loading tips using stripper clips can guarantee you more shooting time in range. Sounds interesting? Well, read on to find out more about it!

Speed Loading: Rapid Reload With Stripper Clips

A lot of people will say that stripper clips are pointless, a waste of time, or might as well just put them in the magazine. This is somewhat true, but what people don’t understand is they are supposed to load the stripper clips while they are home, sitting around doing nothing or maybe watching some TV. Anytime you have a spare moment, you can load your stripper clips. This way, you’ll have full stripper clips ready whenever you need them. So below are speed loading tips on how to correctly use a .223/5.56 stripper clip.


1. How Much Can One Hold?

How Much Can One Hold? | Speed Loading Tips | How to Use .223/5.56 Stripper Clips
You can put 10 rounds on a stripper clip and if you have 100 stripper clips you can have 1,000 rounds readily accessible for when you go out shooting.  If you have to say 5, 30-round magazines, you can reload them 6 times with some left over.

2. Loading the Stripper Clip

Loading The Stripper Clip | Speed Loading Tips | How to Use .223/5.56 Stripper Clips
On the stripper clip, there is a tab on each end of the clip. Close one end and leave the other end open. Now you take a bullet and slide it onto the clip until it is against the closed tab. Do this nine more times and there you have 10 bullets on your stripper clip. Be sure to then close the tab that was on the open end so they do not fall out.

3. How to Use a Spoon/Speed Loader

How To Use A Spoon/Speed Loader | Speed Loading Tips | How to Use .223/5.56 Stripper Clips
Now you take your spoon also called a speed loader or a charger. The stripper clip goes right into a spoon. So when going to load your magazines, put the spoon in the mag and then put your stripper clip on.

4. Loading the Magazine with a Stripper Clip

Loading The Magazine With A Stripper Clip | Speed Loading Tips | How to Use .223/5.56 Stripper Clips
Now take your thumb and push your rounds into the magazine. Some people use a table to push the rounds into the mag but if you’re in the field you might not have a table to use so I always practice with my thumb. Use however many stripper clips you need depending on the size of your magazine.


You can also check out the full video on How To Use .223/5.56 Stripper Clips!

One may argue that it is unnecessary to use stripper clips and it is quicker to load directly to the magazine. Yes, this may be true in a way. But during your downtime, you can load these stripper clips and reload it into your magazines quickly. This will allow you more time in the range to shoot instead of spending it by filling up your mags.

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