For gun owners, there are occasions where you must travel with a firearm or leave your gun in your car. As with any firearm situation, safety of the gun owner, weapon, and others should be the highest priority.

For this reason, it’s imperative to understand the best ways to conceal a gun when storing it in your car.

To start, if you must leave your weapon in your car, make sure it is absolutely out of sight.

The risk of leaving a weapon visible in a car is severe when it comes to tempting unauthorized users such as children and especially criminals, in addition to other safety concerns.

This is why it’s essential to never leave a gun in a car where it is visible or partially visible in any way.

Here are the best ways to conceal a gun in your car:

Lockable vehicle gun case or safe

The safest and most secure means of concealing a gun in your car is a lockable vehicle gun case or safe. These vehicle safes are similar to handgun safes and are adequate for short-term storage.

Some gun owners feel assured knowing their firearm is hidden and locked in a case, locked in their car. However, these precautions are not enough.

The proper way to use a vehicle gun safe is to make sure the case itself is hidden from view. Criminals can recognize a car gun safe when looking through a car window, which creates vulnerability that the case and gun will be stolen.

The safest method of utilizing a vehicle gun safe is to make sure it is attached structurally to the car. For example, the case can be bolted to the floor or frame.

This prevents unauthorized access and use and provides security for the driver and passengers of the vehicle.

Console vault

Console vaults are another means of concealing guns in your car – particularly handguns. They provide many benefits, such as:

  • Protection and safeguarding of firearms and other valuables
  • Convenient and at-the-ready access
  • Custom designed and installed for individual vehicles

Sophisticated locking system

Console vaults are generally more expensive than lockable vehicle gun safes, however they are considered well-worth the investment. Once the car console is closed, the console vault is completely hidden.

This provides an added feature of concealment so any unauthorized users are unaware of the presence of the vault or a firearm in the vehicle.

Vehicle vault

Vehicle vaults are also a solution for in-vehicle storage and concealment of firearms. They are custom designed, built, and installed for those that require safe storage and concealment – such as larger firearms used for hunting, etc.

Properly designed and installed vehicle vaults blend seamlessly into the structure of the vehicle, so there is no indication of the presence of the vault or the firearms it contains.

This ensures the security of the guns and protection for the gun owner and others. In addition, vehicle vaults protect firearms from wear and tear as well as exposure to the elements.

Vehicle vaults can be expensive. However, they are worth the investment when it comes to protecting firearms from damage or theft. Additionally, they allow for gun owners with larger firearms to transport and conceal them safely in a vehicle.


It’s imperative for gun owners who need to travel with their weapons or leave them for the short term in their vehicle to follow proper safety measures. One of the most important safety measures is complete concealment of guns in the vehicle. Safe and proper concealment lowers the risk of injury or harm to gun owners, passengers and passerbys.

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